Sunday, May 10, 2009

State Radio

So on Friday night we got the chance to play with a really cool band from Boston called State Radio, whom you should definitely check out. The singer (Chad) used to sing for a little band you may have heard of called Dispatch, and State Radio has a similar musical vibe in some ways, but they add this really admirable political element that is tied to political activism (they started their own charity, Calling All Crows, for example). Really great guys, really amazing show. We met a ton of ton of new fans in Wilton, CT (pictures are now up on the Myspace!) Here's a pic from after the show...

Friday, May 1, 2009

4 wheels and lots of dirt

Pete brought us to the Pennsylvania mountain country last weekend, and we got to tool around on ATVs for a few hours. I gotta say I wasn't all that sure about the idea before hand, but those things are a helluva lot of fun. They can also be a little hard to manage when you hit a rut, as Joe found out:

And like I said, I got pretty excited by the whole thing: