Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jury duty

So I got called for jury duty. I'm a first timer. It was exactly what I was expecting: a DMV experience where everyone's a lot nicer because no one wants to get to the front of this line. Well, somehow, I managed to be one of the 100 people (out of like a thousand all crammed into this huge room in the Supreme Court building in Brooklyn) who were called in to maybe, potentially get screened for a case. And then, out of the 20 people in my room, I manage to be one of the 10 who actually get questioned. And then, despite my best attempts to be difficult and argumentative with the lawyers (more on them soon), I got picked to serve in a trial.

Which, actually, I'm ok with. I'm more than a bit curious to see how a tort case goes down. (It's something about a car crash. I'm probably not supposed to talk about it.) But something I'm not excited about is listening to these lawyers talk for 3 days straight. They can't get enough of themselves. It makes me think that all the really bad speech and debaters from high school went on to be personal injury lawyers. Trust me, I would know. I was a speech and debater. (Moment of silence for ex-nerds everywhere....and, break.)

Anyway, all of this brings me to 12 Angry Men. Which, I can already tell, is not at all like how my trial is going to be. But hot damn that's a good movie. Henry Fonda was my personal hero for at least a week after seeing that one. So I will leave you with this solemn duty: go watch 12 Angry Men because then you will understand how awesome justice really is. And how sweet white pants are.

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