Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Listen to me right now

Listen to me right now. Who ever thought it would be a good idea to leak the Wolverine movie to the Internet needs to be shot. I hope it was this guy:

because then I would feel like “ok maybe he poor bastard thinks everyone will finally get to hear the story of his life and he just couldn’t wait.” But if one more of my friends calls me acting like they just hacked the matrix and tries to tell me plot details of a movie that I have successfully avoided knowing too much about (except that I own the Origins series and I already know everything about it), I’m just gonna shit.

Ok. That aside. We just got back from a few shows over the last few weeks including our third trip to SXSW in beautiful 88 degree Austin, Texas.

On the way down we stopped in Nashville to play a show with our friends Luna Halo and to listen to the final mixes of our new record with Grainger, our producer, before it was sent off to mastering. I know this is my band's album, but it’s pretty badass. Also, I couldn’t wait for it to come out, so I leaked the whole thing on the internet. Go look for it.

After saying our goodbyes to States home base #2, we headed to Mobile, Alabama for a show and for the first windows-down driving experience of the year.

The show (at the Alabama Music Box) went really well, and we got to hang out with some longtime fans that had never had a chance to see us play. The staff at the Music Box were awesome and offered us the opportunity to drink for free if we came back the next night for St. Patrick’s day. Unfortunately, Chris is the only one who went to Harvard so that makes us 2/3 a band full of dummies. Meaning, we skipped out on free drinks and left the next morning for New Orleans…

…and checked in to our amazing hotel: a beautiful one star rat-infested death camp. Maybe he felt we needed to be humbled. And who am I to argue with the man? He’s got red hair. When we got to our room, we were quickly alerted to the fact that a trans-gender (don’t ask me how I came to discover that) couple were screaming at each other at the top of their lungs in one room next door (apparently someone named Albert “fucked up” bad). And what was going on in the other next-door room? Ohhhhh, that’s a conversation over a lot of drinks.

Anyway, Chris bet me five bucks that I couldn’t get our money back (I did) and we hauled ass to another hotel across town.

New Orleans is awesome. It really is. I’ll go so far as to say that it’s the New York of the South. Because it’s goddamn expensive and crazy people go by unnoticed.

Fun Fact #1: The people of New Orleans throw parades for any reason they can find.
Fun Fact #2: One of these parades was held because the Coca Cola company decided to do away with New Coke and switch back to Old Coke. I’m not kidding.
Fun Fact #3: A Po’ Boy at Mothers restaurant is apparently not for poor people because I spent like fifteen bucks on the damn thing. But it was the best thing that’s ever happened to me.

More on the rest of the tour later…


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